Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting

Designers put a lot of faith in undercabinet lighting and with good reason. They provide task lighting for work surfaces. Additionally, they also serve as an important design aesthetic. Note that under cabinet lighting is not just for the kitchen. You can use it wherever you have installed cabinets, be it your home office, bar or dining room. Below are some different applications and popular under cabinet lighting products

1. Surface mounted low profile

These self-contained slim line fixtures are available in various sizes and features tunable white options allowing the user to choose the color of white that best suits the application. Choose between a crisp cool white for task lighting and a warm glow setting for mood lighting

2.Recessed flat channel strip

For a minimal linear look with beautiful even light diffusion, this recessed light channel is ideal for European style cabinets. 

3. LED Puck lights

Puck lights may be recessed or surface mounted. They are best suited inside cabinets or under a single cabinet.