For more than 30 years Lightstyles has been a leading distributor of quality architectural and decorative lighting. Melvyn Kahn, one of the founding members, has dedicated his entire career to the art of lighting and is recognized throughout the USA for his vision and contribution to the lighting industry. Recognizing the importance and need for good lighting design as a vital part of the architectural design process, Lightstyles Design was launched in 2013. This division of Lightstyles specializes exclusively in professional lighting design planning and specification. Melvyn is joined by a team of Certified Lighting Designers and Lighting Specialists, ready to take on any architectural lighting project and provide their expertise and advice.


There is no other element of interior design more important than lighting. Lighting applied correctly changes the mood of any room just as it can change the perceived size of the room. The type of light source and placement is crucial to the effectiveness and functional use of the space. The elements that come together through carefully planned lighting design transforms a space into a seamless combination of functionality and style. The “one size fits all” tactic unfortunately used too often by those wanting a quick solution is a misguided approach that may degrade the design integrity and functionality of the space.

Lighting not only affects the spaces in which we live and work, it also influences our circadian rhythms and our very health. For this reason alone it is important to consult with a professional lighting designer to make sure that your project’s outcome is the result of art and science joining to create a harmonious and well-balanced environment.

Ideally, lighting should be planned at the inception of a project for optimum results, never as an afterthought. At Lightstyles Design we make a point during client meetings to gather as much information as possible about the project, how various spaces will be used and of course about the inhabitants of the home or commercial environment. Our approach to lighting design is a holistic one and there are many aspects for consideration. The ultimate result of excellent lighting design becomes apparent when one is able to see and experience the effect of proper illumination, sans glare. Our design department’s main focus is architectural lighting, the very foundation and “bones” of your construction project.


Every project undertaking, from a single room to a whole house, restaurant or any commercial space, is as important to us as it is to you as we strive for perfection in what we do. The goal of our dedicated team is to give attention to every detail, to ensure that your project meets and even exceeds your expectations. We welcome the opportunity to be part of the design/build team on your project and we look forward to hearing from you. We promise you what will be an enlightening experience and a lighting design job well done.