Stair Lighting

Stair Lighting

Stair Lighting

Lighting steps is extremely important when considering both the aesthetic values and safety.  In previous years, stair lighting was largely unattractive and cumbersome.  Today, we have several options utilizing LED applications which are generally smaller in size and much more efficient.

1. Wall recessed step lights

Recessed step lights in the wall are an effective way to illuminate stairs. For very wide stairs these lights may be installed on both sides for better light coverage. There are several design options and sizes to choose from.

wallsconces stairs

3. Under tread

Recessing a linear LED strip under each tread ensures continuous, evenly distributed lighting and safety.

2. Wall sconces

The right sconces can add decor as well as functional lighting over stairs.

4. Floating steps

For a more contemporary look, these LED strips are visible. Alternatively, they may be recessed further underneath the stair nosing to avoid any visibility of the light source.


5 Plaster-in option

Aptly named “Reveal”, this plaster-in wall product provides an indirect glow onto stairs while adding a spectacular architectural design to the space.