LED Linear Lighting

LED Linear Lighting

LED Linear Lighting

Linear architectural lighting combines LED technology with innovative lighting design. This light source has many ceiling and wall applications where design as well as light output is important. In addition, there are several indirect applications that makes this light source ideal for many areas

1. Wall grazing

The use of wall grazing is an ideal way to accentuate textured walls creating a dramatic effect of light and shade giving depth to the lighted surface.

2. Corner lighting

An effective way to highlight the corner of two drywall surfaces emitting a floor to ceiling indirect ambient lighting application Wall grazing accents textured, vertical surfaces by amplifying their shadows. The play between light and shade create a dramatic effect on the wall, with amazing results.

3. Cove lighting

Continuous glow of indirect light produced from LED tape or ribbon lighting is an ideal way to brighten and warm up a ceiling.

4. Toe-kick lighting

Used primarily for accent, toe-kick lighting is a great low cost addition that greatly enhances the style of a room.

5. Trimless recessed linear lighting

Truly a designer’s best friend, this plaster-in light channel provides excellent ambient lighting in a multitude of shapes.