Exterior Lighting

Exterior Lighting

Exterior Lighting

Just as we need to consider the right lighting for inside spaces, exterior lighting plays a huge role, not just in beautifying the exterior of homes but in addition gives consideration for security lighting as well as accenting your softscape with meaningful landscape lighting.

Decorative wall sconce

1. Decorative wall lights

Decorative wall lights or lanterns as they are sometimes referred to as, provide a welcoming element often chosen to compliment the style and design of the home.

Outdoor Chandelier

2. Outdoor Chandeliers

Today more than ever we tend to use outdoor spaces for casual dining and entertainment. There are so many fabulous fixtures for every design style.

Pathway lights

3. Pathway lights

Define a path of lighting for walkways or simply accent your plant or flower bed.

Up Lighting

4. Up-lighting

Up-lights are an excellent way to create visual drama.  In this example they accentuate the palm tree trunk‚Äôs texture and contribute to the perception of height.