Agreement – Lighting Plan Only


    This agreement between Lightstyles Lighting and:

    Agreement for lighting design services to be performed at the project address as stated above.

    The purpose of this agreement is to define the scope of work and payments agreed upon by each party. The design concept and implementation shall include all interior spaces as well as exterior lighting limited to any lighting that is attached to the structure.

    (Landscape lighting can be designed and specified under a separate agreement)

    Scope of Work:

    1. All architectural plans should be submitted to us in .pdf for our review and CAD format (.dwg file extension) from the Architect, Builder or Designer at the time of consideration, to be utilized by our team for lighting design purposes.
    2. A meeting is scheduled between Lightstyles, the client and their designer/architect/contractor where applicable at our facility in order to get fully acquainted with all aspects pertaining to the design of the project. Virtual meetings can be conducted for projects outside our geographical location.
    3. At that time, a design fee of $3,500.00 is required to begin the design process. This fee for services covers the following:
      • *Development of a comprehensive lighting plan complete with switch leg indications.
      • *Architectural lighting specifications/cut sheets
      • *Two print sets of the lighting plan
      • *One revision after submittal of first draft lighting plan

      The above-mentioned design fee covers lighting design work on projects up to 3500 sq. feet. Any projects exceeding 3500 sq. feet will incur additional charges as follows:

      • 3600 sq. feet to 5000 sq. feet - $4000.00 design fee
      • 5100 sq. feet to 6000 sq. feet - $4500.00 design fee
      • Above 6000+ sq. feet – we will provide a custom quote after a review of the plan.

      The design fee structure per single room is charged by the square foot of the space, at a rate of $5.00/sq. ft.

    4. Additionally we can also provide a professionally rendered 3D model of the project, if desired. This is an optional service and is available at a separate fee of $1500.00 to $2500.00 (depending on the scope and details, a custom quote may be required).
    5. After obtaining all relevant design and architectural information as well as the intended use of space, our design team will create a professional lighting plan, together with architectural lighting specifications and wiring/switching, as noted above. The wiring/switch leg indications on our lighting plans are strictly for demonstrating switch legs/light fixture groupings and dimming indications as well as general wall locations for switches. Specific locations of switches and dimmers and/or keypads in the as-built environment should be determined in a meeting between the homeowner and electrician or Home Control System installer.
    6. Additional prints of the lighting plan can be supplied for $22.00 per set.
    7. Should the Homeowner, Designer or Contractor wish to make additional changes/additions etc. after the lighting plan is completed and approved, our fees for this service will be billed out at $75.00 per hour.
    8. There is no better enhancement to a home than what properly planned lighting can offer. We take a tremendous amount of pride in the services and products we provide and look forward to working with you!