Agreement – Full Service Design


    This agreement between Lightstyles Lighting and:

    Agreement for lighting design services to be performed at the project address as stated above.

    The purpose of this agreement is to define the scope of work and payments agreed upon by each party. The design concept and implementation shall include all interior spaces as well as exterior lighting limited to any lighting that is attached to the structure.

    (Landscape lighting can be designed and specified under a separate agreement)

    Scope of Work:

    1. All plans should be submitted to us in .dwg CAD format from the Architect, Builder or Designer at the time of consideration. We will use these plans as the base for our lighting plans.
    2. A meeting is scheduled between Client/Homeowner and Designer and/or Contractor where applicable at our facility or virtually in order to get fully acquainted with all aspects pertaining to the design of the project.
    3. At that time, a design fee of $3,000.00 is required to begin the process. A sum of $2,000 will be refunded at the end of the project subject to the following:
    4. We require that all architectural lighting is to be purchased directly through our company. All items will be quoted at wholesale contractor pricing, which is competitive with any electrical wholesaler. It should also be noted that the supply of architectural lighting is not optional subject to forfeiting the design deposit, however, is in fact required as a condition of acceptance for the lighting design package to be provided by Lightstyles.
    5. Additionally we can also provide an optional 3D model of the project, professionally rendered if desired. This is an optional service if requested and is available at a separate fee of $1500.00.
    6. While we also feature one of the most extensive collections of state-of-the-art decorative lighting at contractor pricing, there is no obligation to purchase these items from Lightstyles. Conversely, all of the architectural lighting specified must be purchased from us to ensure that the correct items are supplied and installed in the project. Occasionally a contractor may try to substitute specified product for something that looks similar, however, this is not recommended, as it may not function in the manner that of those items carefully selected and curated by our designer.
    7. After obtaining all relevant design and architectural information as well as the intended use of space, our design team will create a professional lighting plan including switch leg indications and a lighting specification cut sheets.
    8. Additional meetings may be required before the final draft is presented. After final approval of the lighting plan a comprehensive quote is created. At that point, the client may either accept the total package or modify it for budget or other reasons and a revised quote will be submitted. Our design fee as stated above includes two (2) sets of printed plans and one specification binder* (*for Orange County, CA clients only. Out-of-area clients will receive digital copies). Additional copies of the lighting plan can be furnished upon request at $22.00 per printed set.
    9. Payment for Phase 1 “rough-in” lighting materials (housings for recessed cans, exhaust fans, etc.) is required at the time of ordering. Subsequent payments for Phase 2 (remote transformers and drivers, architectural LED light channels) and Phase 3 (cabinetry lighting, trims for recessed cans, and decorative lighting where applicable) must be tendered at the time of ordering. Field measurements for custom architectural lighting applications are required before ordering product.
    10. Upon receiving an approved lighting plan the design/build team (homeowner, designated project manager, interior designer, architect, electrician and AV contractor) will receive a digital copy of the lighting plan via email together with all specifications and installation instructions as required. Additionally, one set of printed plans and a specification binder* (*local clients only) will be delivered to the job site along with the delivery of rough-in lighting. In Phase 3 we also work closely with the cabinet maker where lighting will be integrated into such applications. Out-of-area clients will receive digital copies of plans and specification binders.
    11. Shortly after the rough-in materials are delivered and installed we schedule our first walk-through. In the event of any framing or other construction issues that may result in the relocation of recessed can housings, we will advise as well as revise the plan to accommodate the changes.
    12. Scheduled walk-throughs as it pertains to any lighting issues are part of our design process throughout the tenure of the project. For out- of-town clients, this can be accomplished through video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, etc.
    13. To clients outside driving distance of our location we also offer a Custom On-Site Service as needed. This option will be outlined in a different agreement if this level of personal service is desired by the client for the benefit and integrity of the project.
    14. At completion of the project, we typically send out a team to make any adjustments regarding beam spreads and to fine tune the lighting effects where necessary to ensure the overall project meets our standards and ultimately provides the clients with the very best outcome. For out of town clients we can consult via phone or video with the interior designer/contractor for any adjustments required.
    15. Lightstyles expressly reserves its common law copyright and other property rights on all our lighting design plans and other intellectual property. Our lighting plans may not be reproduced, changed or copied in whole or in part. Additionally, they may not be assigned to a 3rd party to be executed without obtaining the express written permission and consent of Lightstyles.

    There is no better enhancement to a home than what properly planned lighting can offer. We take a tremendous amount of pride in the services and products we provide and we look forward to working with you!